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Introduction to Our Company

Established in 2006, and Offering OEM&ODM Service for more than 15 years, Focusing on the metal product with premium surface and tight tolerance.

Anodization Production Line

This is An Automatic Anodization Production Line which can Anodize the Product up to 2 Meters in Length.

CNC Processing Workshop

14 pcs of CNC Processing Machines with 4 Axis, Skilled at Processing Alu and Stainless Material.

Laser Welding

6 pcs of Laser Welding in Workshop.

Robot Polishing

We have got 5 pcs of Robot Polishing, Which can Handle Alu Polishing, Brass Polishing and Stainless Polishing.

chrome-plating production line

Our Chrome-Plating Production Line can Do Plating for Carbon Steel, Stainless and Brass Products.